Emergency Lighting

Emergency Egress & Interior Lighting Products

Stratus Systems offers a variety of lighting products designed to illuminate aircraft cabins, as well as emergency escape hatches, doors and routes.


  • ADHEELS-2000/FL – Advanced Helicopter Emergency Egress Lighting System Fiber Technology
  • IHEELS-1000 – Individual Helicopter Emergency Egress Handle Lighting System
  • CL-1000 – AL-2000 – TL-3000 – Advanced Aircraft Interior Cabin Lighting Systems


Advanced Helicopter Emergency Egress Lighting System Fiber Technology

The ADHEELS-2000/FL represents the latest advancements in emergency egress lighting.  Designed to guide helicopter aircrews to safety during a crisis situation, it is the only system fully qualified to meet or exceed the requirements of the MIL-PRF-85676A (AS) standard.

The product’s high brightness cold light source provides a flexible light array that can be modified to suit any chopper’s cabin configuration. The system leverages fiber formed electro luminescent technology to generate light that outlines or path-directs emergency escape hatches, doors or routes.

The ADHEELS-2000/FL is totally self-contained, does not require integration into any aircraft electrical or control systems, and has a built-in self-test that indicates system operation status and performs a functional test of the illumination display. The system can be deactivated prior to flight to meet specific mission requirements.



  • 180 deg. Viewing Angle Full Intensity Visibility (360 deg. Theoretical)
  • Water Activated, Dynamic Crash Activated, Inversion Activated and Manual Activation
  • Internal Power Supply (Does Not Require Charging)
  • Compatible With Night Vision Equipment
  • Not Detectable By FLIR Systems
  • Extremely Light Weight
  • Capable of Being Deactivated Prior to Flight to Meet Specific Mission Requirements
  • High Reliability
  • Qualified



Input:    None, Self-contained power supply

Power: Internal 12 VDC power supply, Off-The-Shelf

Automatic Operation:    Water Activated
                                  Dynamic Crash Activated
                                  Inversion Activated
                                  Manual Activation


Individual Helicopter Emergency Egress Handle Lighting System

The IHEELS-1000 is an advanced, self contained emergency egress handle
illumination system for helicopter interiors.  The unit is equipped with “Built-In Test” functions (BIT), which will verify power supply voltage and water activated circuit functions.  Additionally, IHEELS-1000 features a “Press to Test” function that illuminates the light bar for function testing and for demonstrations during egress training.

The IHEELS-1000 will retrofit existing aircraft without modification to the door
or hatch assemblies.  Installation of the system requires less than 30 minutes.
Further, thanks to modular construction, the IHEELS-1000 can be easily reconfigured to fit different door or hatch layouts.



  • Totally Self Contained
  • Water Activated
  • High Visibility in Smoke and Turbid Water
  • Built-In System Test
  • Inversion Activated
  • Steady State Output
  • Operation Temperature -1 to +65C
  • Weight 195 grams
  • Qualified


CL-1000 – AL-2000 – TL-3000

Advanced Aircraft Interior Cabin Lighting Systems

Stratus Systems’ advanced aircraft interior cabin lighting systems series – Model CL-1000, Model AL-2000 and Model TL-3000 – offers the latest technologies in aircraft cabin, cockpit and task illumination.  These lighting systems are compact, durable, easy to install and extremely lightweight.  

The Model CL-1000 series dimensions are 16-7/8” long, 3-1/2” wide and 5/16” thick, and weighs only 11.5 ounces.  

The Model AL-2000 series dimensions are 7-1/8” long, 5-3/4” wide and 5/16” thick, and weighs only 8.2 ounces.  

The Model TL-300 series dimensions are 14” long, 1” to 3” wide, and 5/16” thick, and weighs 4-7 ounces respectively.   

The LED technology utilized in these systems offers the several advantages:  


  • Ultra light weight
  • More than 100,000 hours of operation
  • Extremely low current draw 
  • Shock resistant
  • Vibration resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Ready replacement for existing filament type lighting
  • No EMI or RFI interference
  • Dimmable
  • Works as a stand-alone or when integrated into existing escape lighting systems.  


System light output color ranges from single system multi spectrum white, blue, green or red, to any combinations to meet specific mission or aircraft requirements.  When integrated into the ADHEELS Egress Lighting System, the Models CL-1000 and CL-2000 systems function as enhanced cabin and area lighting that utilizes standard aircraft power.  Once activation of the ADHEELS system occurs, the lighting systems automatically convert to emergency mode, which does not require aircraft power, and fully illuminate the cabin to greatly enhance the aircrew capability of successfully egressing the downed aircraft.  These new lighting systems exceed the requirement of MIL-PRF-8567A(AS).